My 7 Links: Bloggers Nominated So Far

Don’t nominate any of these guys – they’re already taking part.

Feel free to nominate any kind of blog: food, musings, self-improvement etc.. We want this project to be as inclusive as possible!

Click here for the My 7 Links rules.

Nominated Blogs A – D

Nominated Blogs E – K

Nominated Blogs L – S

Nominated Blogs T – Z

by Katie Sorene

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Loving this line-up here – absolutely travel-bloggily stellar!

Roy | cruisesurfingz

Would be great if this list linked to the individual bloggers 7 links. Saves me having to google them :)

Trans-Americas Journey

Geez, we’re a little late to the party and there it seems as if there is nobody left un-nominated. Don’t know where I’m going to find 5 untapped bloggers.

Tiili Peninsula

What a fab idea. I have 4 blogs and will be working through all these blogs that I would not have found otherwise. Hope I see you on yours soon


Hi, I’ve been nominated by another blogger and will be doing my 7 posts soonish. My blog does not appear on your list?…and also, how do I put my nominees on your list?



Here are my 7 Nominated bloggers:
Crystal Cook of Art by Crystal Cook
Artist Suzanne Berry
Carrie of Carrie’s Creations
Pat of Pat Elliot Paintings
Barbra Joan of Art Hearts Place


Holy cyber-creativity! I had no idea – truly honored to be a nominee and participant.

My reader is now bursting at the seams with all the sites I’ve added from this list.

Kudos to us all!

James Clark

An impressive list of travel bloggers there – it was fun to take part in this project.

Lie With Me Watch Online

Love this blog. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how much time and effort you’ve put into the site. All of the content is absolutely wonderful and a joy to read. I just wish there were more sites likes these around. Anyway, thanks again and keep up all the great work. Cheers!

Kolchak & Jodi

What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing it with us all :) Especially thank you to Pamela at Something Wagging for passing the challenge on to us!

We passed the challenge on to Pup Love, At a Glacial Pace, Foley Monster & Pocket’s Blog, Epbot &

one person's view

Just uploaded my post, but only nominated two people– Little Dogs on Long Leashes, and In the Pink. All the good blogs I follow have done it!

Millie Ann Saanen

So glad you were a smart human to come up with this. I had a lot of fun doing this.

Pup Fan

My post will be up tomorrow and I’ll share the link then – I’m nominating:

Raising a Super Dog
Kahuna’s K9s
Smart Dog University
Peaceful dog


:-( I wish I could be nominated by someone :-( I can’t get into the contest without nomination from anyone?

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