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And to save even more cash, check out our Top 10 Money-Saving Flight Tips:

blue Fly out on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. These days are often the least expensive.
blue Check out discount carriers regionally. Eg. If you're heading to Europe look to fly into London and then see if Ryanair or EasyJet has a flight to where you want to go.
blue Use alternative airports. It can be very expensive to fly into Innsbruck, Austria but it is only a couple hours shuttle away from Munich, Germany – a major hub. Find out if it's less expensive to fly to another airport and drive or shuttle in.
blue Consider layovers. Often direct flights are more expensive than multiple stops. If you have time to spare look to see if any layover options are available.
blue Book early! It's never too early to book as the cheapest seats often go first. Ideally book your flight two to three months in advance of your vacation.
blue Avoid School Holidays. Fly during term-time – prices rise when school's out.
blue Find out if the flight is shared between two airlines. This is called a "code-share" and very common among airlines. Flights aren't always full so often two airlines will run the same ticket, but only one operates the flight. Often the operator is the less expensive option but not always so check both.
blue Fly last minute. If you are flexible on where you fly you can get discounted tickets 48 to 72 hours before a flight.
blue Fly at offpeak hours. No one likes the 6am or the 11pm flight. They are the last to be purchased and cheaper than more sociable hours.
blue Don't add your frequent flyer mile number. Airlines like Air Canada offer a discount when you waive the right to have the miles added to Aeroplan. Look to see if your airline will do that as well.
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