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Wales (or Cymry, in modern Welsh) is a rugged land which is home to three million people, each one as fiercely proud of their homeland as the last. It is as distinct in its own identity as the other three countries making up the United Kingdom, with a colonisation history dating back to Roman times and a unique national language which has escaped extinction over the last century. Interestingly, even though there is currently no national daily newspaper in Welsh, there are a multitude of blogs written in both Welsh and English depicting the life, politics, tourism and arts in the country - so much so, we are almost certain that the ratio of people blogging in Wales is higher than any other country we have surveyed for awards so far. And without further ado...

  • A Welsh View


    An almost-daily assortment of videos and original photography bringing us the best of Wales as well as the rest of the web, usually to comic effect.

  • Whales in Wales


    More than just a twee name, the Whales in Wales blog sheds light on the abundance of wildlife which can be found in the seas around Wales. A true delight for nature enthusiasts.

  • Susan Richardson


    Based in Cardiff, Susan is the resident poet for BBC Radio 4's Saturday Live and frequently performs in and around Wales. Read her musings and find out where you can enjoy her work live via this well-maintained blog.

  • Cardiff Shopper

    http://www.cardiffshopper.com/,Cardiff Shopper is great blog which details all manner of shopping news and reviews in the city - you won't leave for a shopping spree without it

  • Miserable Old Fart


    Alwyn Ap Huw is a prolific writer on Welsh politics and posts his (often acerbic) views with great regularity, commenting on developments as they occur. With writing as sharp and intelligent as this, there's very little wonder why he has such a huge readership."

  • Bethan Jenkins


    Bethan Jenkins is a Plaid Assembly Member for South Wales West, blogging with passion from inside the political arena in English (with Welsh translation throughout). Seminal reading for residents keen to broaden their political understanding.

  • View Cardiff


    A professionally-run blogging effort which leaves no stone unturned in the search for entertainment in Cardiff - everything from film, restaurants and the hottest clubs in Cardiff is covered in an unbiased manner.

  • Jim's World


    Marvellous photography kindly shared by Jim which captures the very essence of Swansea and beyond. If you find something which really moves you, the quality images on the site are also available for purchase.

  • Really Welsh


    As well as supplying archetypal local Welsh products (such as daffodils and leeks), the Really Welsh team have introduced a blog covering agricultural news across the country. One to watch for any fan of fresh produce.

  • Cardiff Blogger


    Along with a daily written blog packed with hilarious content, the Cardiff Blogger site features the unmissable political podcast by Ben and Arnie.

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