The Tripbase Awards 2011


The nominations for this year's Chilean Tripbase Awards were based on the way the blogs represented the bright, diverse nature of the country. Our panel of experts was impressed with how the blogosphere informs travelers about Chile and Chilean attractions in accurate, up-to-date detail.

The narrow coastline of Chile stretches long and thin, like a ribbon between the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountains. You can already imagine the scenic views! The landscape continues to surprise tourists by flaunting deserts, volcanoes, glaciers, rainforests, lagoons, lush vineyards, and beautiful stretches of beaches. With such a wide variety of options in one country, it can be difficult to choose an area to visit. Between June and October, skiers can enjoy ski resorts, located in central Chile. Of course, during Chile's summer months, from December to March, coastal beach towns open up and are hotspots for many local and foreign tourists. Chile is a major world producer and exporter of wine, on account of their phenomenal mountain vineyards. The lesser-known geographical advantage for Chile is of course their close proximity to fresh and fabulous seafood. And from north to south, shopping is a medium that remains consistent throughout Chile, with travelers enjoying both large stores and small market stalls when browsing for local goods.

The Tripbase award-winning blogs listed below are the best at highlighting the appeal and variety of activities that Chile has to offer for your next vacation there.

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Award Winners

  • Andre in Chile
  • Corrugated City
  • Eat Wine
  • Chabelita in Chile
  • Sara's Titleless Blog
  • La Chilengiita
  • Abby's Line
  • Annje Unabashed
  • Canchando Chile
  • Kyle Hepp
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