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Welcome to the Tripbase green awards, where only the very finest blogs on the subject of environmentally friendly travel have been rewarded for their noble efforts in making the planet a cleaner place.

Transport around the world is always going to take its toll on the environment, especially if you use air travel. Planes burn a lot of fuel no matter how sleek and streamlined the manufacturers make them - their jet engines are still bad for the atmosphere. There are a number of alternatives to air travel, most of which aren't as inconvenient as you'd think.

Our selection below outlines how we substitute the aeroplane for cars, buses, coaches, trains and boats. Have you ever wanted to sail to America in a cabin on a cargo ship? Have you considered a low-cost coach journey to Northern Europe? If you're going to Europe, why not buy an inexpensive, unlimited Interrail ticket, which will take you all around the continent while leaving a small carbon footprint? Once you get to your destination, take an electric cab or pedal-powered rickshaw to your carbon neutral hotel.

There are even environmentally-friendly ski resorts opening in Scandanavia, allowing for guilt-free indulgence. And of course there are always more local holidays - a gentle boat trip on the Norfolk Broads leaves only a gentle ripple in the planet's fragile atmosphere. The awards go to the blogs below for their information on green travel.

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Award Winners

  • The Energy Collective
  • Environmental Graffiti
  • GreenSpot
  • The Environmental Blog
  • Environmental Crimes Blog
  • Environmental Law & Climate Change Law Blog
  • The Perceptive Travel Blog
  • Sustainable Travel International
  • No Impact Man
  • Jamble Mag
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