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These blogs have been handed out to blogs in the Himalayas category only once the judges are satisfied that they meet the demanding criteria. Working for hours and studying the blogosphere in depth, the blogs our team has selected represent the very peak of Himalayan information.

The Himalayas are home to the world's largest mountains and arguably the most challenging terrain. It includes the famous Mount Everest and covers six countries - Bhutan, the People's Republic of China, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma and Nepal. Whether you're a mountaineer or just want to go and look at the enormous peaks we've found all the best blogs on the subject of the Himalayas and stripped them down to these award winners. These represent the pinnacle of Himalayan literature.

The area is full of superlatives: tallest, widest, biggest, coldest, windiest, snowiest, rockiest etc. Our panel have worked to sift through the hyperbolic mess in the blogosphere to bring you only the very finest in Himalaya related travel information. We have weather forecasts, hotel blogs, details of flights, travel arrangements, security measures, vaccinations you need, donkey tours, helicopter recovery, satellite phone hire, even where to find a Sherpa. There's everything you need for your Himalaya holiday in the blogs below, which have been ranked in order of merit.

We've given preference to the blogs with the best information and the best visual appeal. These resources present all you'll need to know when planning your excursion to the roof of the world.

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Award Winners

  • Everest News
  • Alan Arnette
  • IMG blog
  • MM blog
  • Jordan Romero
  • Adventure Peaks
  • Summit Climb
  • RMI dispatches
  • Dream Guides blog
  • Gearjunkie Blog
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