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Mojave Desert Conservation

While California's main exports seem to be films and celebrities, there are huge tracts of the state with unique flora and fauna which tend to be overlooked. Even tourists generally miss the rural or desert areas on their quest to see the famous urban sights. Here we have compiled the final list of award-worthy blogs from a shortlist of hundreds, leaving only the most enlightening and useful resources for you to use when you plan your trip to the Mojave region.

The Mojave Desert truly is one of nature's wonders, so it is of little surprise that they inspire so many online sites and blogs the world over. It covers much of California, as well as parts of Utah, Nevada and Arizona. Although it is a desert, it supports around two thousand species of plant. It also boasts phenomena such as ephemeral lakes which appear once a year or less. The area also provides much of the water needed by cities in California and Arizona (despite being a desert) from lakes and reservoirs like Lake Mead behind the Hoover Dam.

We've chosen these blogs for their information and their devotion to California's conservation projects, especially the Mojave Desert and the work of the California Conservation Corps. You'll find the very best the blogosphere has to offer on the subject of California's constant struggle to preserve the natural environment.

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Award Winners

  • Campaign for California Desert
  • Sierra Club
  • Mojave Desert Land Trust
  • Desert Protective Council
  • ORV Watch
  • The Wildlands Conservancy
  • California Wilderness Coalition
  • Coyote Crossing
  • Mojave National Preserve Conservancy
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