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New Delhi

Only the finest blogs have made it past the panel of judges and into the winners' section in the New Delhi category of the Tripbase awards. The winners have demonstrated clear, motivating and interesting content which flaunts everything that New Delhi has to offer.

Travel to India takes a great deal of planning, which is why we were very careful in our selections for the New Delhi award. The country is a very long way away and the flights are long, often with a stop for refueling. This makes it a difficult decision to make if there a young children in tow. Hopefully the blogs we've listed below will make the choice slightly easier.

New Delhi is a city in the North of India, almost in the centre in terms of East and West. It is a very hot area, with temperatures regularly reaching 37 degrees Celsius. It boasts incredible architecture, most of it planned by Edward Lutyens in the 20th century and a lot of it referencing English structures like the Royal Crescent in Bath. It also has a very highly developed public transport system with an extensive underground train network and the largest fleet of CNG (compressed natural gas) powered buses in the world.

We've handpicked the best blogs on New Delhi that we could find, bearing in mind the difficulty in reaching it. These award-winning blogs will tell you all you need to know before you find yourself touching down at Indira Ghandi airport.

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Award Winners

  • Indian by Design
  • Delhi Magic
  • Our Delhi Struggle
  • American in Delhi
  • Delhi Bound
  • An Indian Summer
  • Delhigate
  • Delhi.ClickIndia
  • Eat and Dust
  • The Delhi Walla
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