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Welcome to the Tripbase Awards for RV and caravan travel. To compile our award winners' list, our team of travel experts and judges started with a longlist of numerous hundred blogs on the subject of RV and caravan travel and whittled this down to the few winners you see on this page. Ranking them based on several main criteria - information, accuracy, ease of use, and presentation - they identified the major players in the world of RVs and caravans.

Ever felt like jumping into a car and just driving, hoping to find something that you've never seen before? Many people take that dream and make it a reality by purchasing an RV or Caravan. From behind the wheel of an RV, you gain access to the open road and all that lies before you. A major benefit of ‘RVing', is the ability to access the comforts of your own home while still enjoying new sites, cultures, adventures and cuisines. Thanks to the abundance of RV parks, travelers are able to find a place to hook up just about anywhere, and dive right into the local culture. While many travelers find their budgets eaten up by airfare and hotel fees, RV travelers are able to pass on both expenses. Travel from one destination to another isn't lost in the air, but rather experienced from one town to the next. Some people are able to RV full time and pick up part time jobs as they make stops in different cities, allowing them to not only make friends but also truly experience life styles all over.

What you'll find below is a list of the best bloggers for all things RV and Caravan. Through written details and beautiful pictures, you'll see the inspiring treks that have been accomplished thanks to the RV.

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Award Winners

  • RV Now
  • RVWheel Life
  • RV News Service
  • Cage Free Family
  • Long Long Honeymoon
  • Vagabonders Supreme
  • This End Up
  • Lazy Dazers RV Travelogue
  • Birding Rvers
  • Life On Wheels
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