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Teaching English Abroad

The blogs which have won this category are only here because their contributors are good at what they do. Only blogs with impeccable content and attention to detail made it to our final list of winners for the teaching English abroad category.

It is often said that anybody can teach abroad, and that all somebody needs is a degree to jet off to Thailand and start teaching children English in a warm hut by a tropical sea. These people are largely correct. Some positions - as outlined in the blogs below - do require a teaching qualification. This depends on the level of teaching you intend to embark upon. Primary school teachers generally require less by way of expertise than sixth form teachers or university lecturers. Most of the positions are for teaching English as well, rather than scientific subjects.

In terms of destination, your options are practically unlimited. Everywhere from Russia to Abu Dhabi needs native English teachers for their schools and universities. European countries, especially those in Eastern Europe, are particularly enthusiastic about recruiting English teachers. In China, your accommodation and flights will be paid for and your wage - while meagre by English standards - will allow you to live a fairly luxurious lifestyle on your days off. Being able to embed yourself in a foreign culture is a privilege - teaching their children doubly so.

Below are the very best blogs on the subject, giving you accurate information in a clear and communicative way and overcoming the inherent language barriers.

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Award Winners

  • Ted's
  • Spain: The Blog
  • All About Teaching in Japan
  • Transitions Abroad
  • Aclipse
  • My Several Worlds
  • A Geek in Korea
  • Volunteer Abroad Blog
  • ITTO Blog
  • ESL Job Project
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