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Welcome to the Travel Award category for Toronto, one of the most awe-inspiring cities on the North American continent. The hand-selected blogs in the Toronto section of our awards flaunt everything the city has to offer in extreme, accurate detail, accompanied by useful maps and fantastic imagery.

With Toronto being home to the second tallest building in the world, and considered the second tallest city in the world, next to New York City, the Toronto skyline gives visitors a thrill of anticipation for what lies within one of the most multi-cultural and ethnically diverse cities in the world. Travelers will be immersed in a myriad of different cultural experiences, with over eighty ethnic communities represented in everyday life. Along with this comes the benefit of some really great food, ranging from fresh outdoor farmers markets to authentic Chinese, Korean, Italian as well as typical American cuisine.

Take a walk through the Distillery District, a pedestrian only area where visitors can experience the artistic flair of Toronto through various galleries, entertainment venues and festivals. Enjoy an evening out at a comedy or the theatre, where prominent big budget shows play, or slip away to a smaller venue with a cozier feel to see an independent Canadian play. Though there is plenty to fill up a trip itinerary with eating, shopping and experiencing local culture, not to be missed is the beautiful scenery, parks, rivers and streams that cover and surround the city.

Below you'll find a list of the best blogs that truly encompass the appeal of Toronto and all that it has to offer visitors and future residents.

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  • Toronto Sun Family: 1971-2010
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