Vacation Ideas for Different Types of Travelers

People travel for a wide variety of reasons: to escape, to have new experiences, to learn about other cultures, and to challenge themselves. But regardless of why you do it, travel has a way of fundamentally transforming us and allowing us to see the world from new perspectives.
Since travel is far from a one-size-fits-all experience, it’s important to remember that there are lots of different vacation ideas for different kinds of travelers. It’s your vacation, so spend it however you’d like! So whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, family fun, or something entirely different, here are a few vacation ideas to inspire and motivate you!

Nightlife / City Dwellers
If you thrive off of the excitement of big city lights and stand-still traffic doesn’t scare you away, consider planning a city vacation in one of the world’s biggest and brightest cities. Although city vacations can break your budget pretty quickly with costs for meals and accommodations, you can find ways to save money if you’re frugal. For example, if you’re traveling to New York City, London, or Tokyo, you can plan to take public transportation instead of renting a car and stay at hostels instead of five-star hotels. Of course, those indulgences are what make city travel so luxurious, so book a day at the spa and make reservations at the best restaurant in town to really do it right.
NYC Night Shot
Photo credit: Yuya Sekiguchi

Nature Lovers
But if you’re looking to get away from city life for a little peace and quiet, there are lots of destinations for nature lovers that soothe the soul and rejuvenate the spirit. Start by checking out some national or state parks in your travel area and planning some outdoor activities to do, such as hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, or kayaking. For a true outdoor experience, pack up your tent and sleeping bags and set up camp at a local campground or designated backcountry camping area.
Some of the best destinations for nature lovers are Costa Rica, Alaska, and Montana’s Yellowstone National Park.

If delicious meals and exceptional dining are as important to you as the travel destination itself, you might be a foodie! Traveling by stomach is one of the latest vacation trends, and it can provide a built-in itinerary for your culinary exploration. Many cities that gear tourism towards foodies offer culinary walking tours and meet-and-greets with world famous chefs.
Some of the best cities for foodies to visit are New Orleans, Barcelona, Tuscany, Paris, and California’s Napa Valley.

True shopaholics aren’t satisfied with an occasional trip to the local mall and crave the new and exciting offerings from shops and boutiques around the world. When plan your travel around top shopping opportunities, you set yourself up for discovering rare items and experiencing local culture along the way.
Whether you’re looking for high-end fashion, vintage pieces, or souvenirs to take back home, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, and Milan are some of the top travel destinations for shopaholics.

Art & History Buffs
Maybe you like to learn a little something while you travel so that you return home with a deeper understanding of people and cultures from distant lands. Almost every travel destination offers something for art and history buffs, including museums, exhibits, tours, and demonstrations. Since most cultural institutions are open to the public and publicize their hours and admission fees, it’s easy to plan your trip around popular attractions around town. If you’re looking for an educational and enlightening travel experience, consider visiting Rome, Athens, Cairo, Bangkok, Machu Picchu, or Jerusalem.
The reception of King Othon of Greece in Athens
Photo credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis

You can let loose and go wild on a vacation to one of the world’s hottest party destinations. And fortunately, there are plenty of free-wheeling, vice-celebrating travel spots to choose from. If your idea of good time involves plenty of pina coladas by the pool, martinis in the club, and dancing until dawn, consider visiting a beach town or party city that won’t let you down.
Some of the best party destinations to scope out are Amsterdam, Berlin, Ibiza, Miami, or Las Vegas.

Guided Tour Groups
For a variety of reasons, many travelers prefer to leave travel planning to the professionals and join organized tour groups to see the sights. Traveling this way allows you to relax and be shown around, without missing any of the prominent attractions along the way. Most major cities offer at least a few tours, you can mix it up with a haunted ghost story tour, and underground secrets tour, a craft beer and food pairing tour, or an architectural tour. Â Tour guides can be helpful in places like Washington DC and Delhi, when you’re pressed for time or have a language barrier.

Beach and Water Lovers
For many travelers, nothing screams “vacation” more than a relaxing day at the beach. Beach vacations are one of the most popular ways to travel throughout the world, and with so many miles of coastline, it’s not hard to find a great spot along the shore. The Caribbean is always one of the best places to spend time along the beach; however, Hawaii, Brazil, Mexico, Samoa, Thailand, Maldives, Greece, Spain and Australia offer lots for beach lovers too.
Return to Paradise Beach (Samoa)
Photo credit: Andrew Moore

Parents with Kids
For parents traveling with kids, travel planning is oftentimes a selfless endeavor. However, there are many kid-friendly destinations that are an absolute blast for parents too. Consider the ages and interests of everyone in your family to make sure that each person has something special to look forward to. Practice taking your kids to local tourist spots close to home to prepare them for the big trip you’re planning.
Some of the most popular travel destinations for parents with kids are Orlando, Brussels, San Diego, Chicago, and Madrid.
For more ideas and travel tips for every type of traveler head over to our Tripbase blog for inspiration. The type of vacation that appeals to you says a lot about your personality and your goals in life.
So what type of traveler are you?

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