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Fictional Metals That Are Made Of Pure Awesome

Whilst everyone knows that exotic locations yield fabulous materials such as gold, oil and diamonds, we prefer to think a little outside of the box and so have compiled a list of some of the greatest fictional metals that you certainly won’t be able to get from any ore on the planet.


Adamantium is primarily known to us as the virtually indestructible metal that coats Wolverine’s skeleton and claws, making him super awesome. The process required to create adamantium is incredibly expensive and is therefore only available to those with almost inexhaustible funding. Lady Deathstrike has also had adamantium fused to her skeleton and possesses claws made from the metal. Other uses of note include Gambit’s staff, Bullseye’s spine, as well as some strips of the stuff covering his bones


Han Solo is awesome, right? So...If we use logic here, that means that when Han Solo is encased in carbonite, that makes the carbonite awesome as well! Just in case you didn’t know, in the Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes back, the character of Han Solo is frozen in Pure Awesome in order to be displayed as a trophy by his captor.


Another famous fictional metal largely popularised in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth fantasy writings, the metal was said to have been mined by the Dwarves in the mines of Moria. Mithril was expensive before the Balrog was released and destroyed the only supply of mithril, but afterwards, it was rendered priceless. Its properties not only included looking similar to silver and being pleasing to look at, but it was nigh-on impervious, being the strongest of metals available and able to stop spears and arrows from piercing it. Pretty awesome.


Necrodermis is the self-repairing “living metal” that both the C’tan and Necrons are encased in, in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Necrodermis not only repairs itself when it’s damaged, but is extremely durable and can alter its shape with ease. Good stuff to cover yourself in if you intend to wage war against the universe.


Predominantly used by the Scourge in Warcraft/World of Warcraft lore. Saronite is made from saronite ore and is used to construct the vast majority of the Scourge’s war machines as well as implanting shards of saronite into lower minions, thus making them slightly more powerful. Incredibly strong and resilient, saronite displays a high resistance to most magics (including the holy power of the Light) and is therefore the metal of choice for the Scourge, but blacksmiths outside of the Scourge are also known to make weaponry and armour from saronite.


Awesome in a purely comedic sense (see picture), Supermanium has only been used to construct Superman’s ridiculously-named “Supermobile” and the bars of a prison used to contain Lex Luthor.


A rare metal of extraterrestrial origin, vibranium is – like adamantium – virtually indestructible and is the main constituent of that most iconic of superhero weaponry, Captain America’s shield. Thanks to an unknown factor in the lab of the scientist that created it (the alloy that the shield was made from was somehow formed as the scientist was asleep from exhaustion); the material has never been replicated.

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