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Tripbase Blog Awards 2009

The Tripbase Travel award is only given to the blogs that are the top of their respective class and are some of the best in the field.

The nominees are chosen by our team of travel experts that go out to scour the internet for the best blogs they can find. That select group is then short-listed via a rigorous selection process, taking in factors like how informative the blog is, the overall writing style, the actual blog appearance and how well that blog performs in its given category when compared and contrasted to other, similar blogs.

The award is a mark of prestige which is only afforded to the blogs that score highly when our judges review them for selection. The award is a sign that a blog succeeds greatly at what it does and surpasses all expectations, thereby indicating it as a veritable bastion of quality and information.

The purpose behind this particular award is to show recognition for all those blogs that deserve it, and we feel that these blogs are some of the most deserving of such an accolade. As a travel site, we are understandably focused on the topic of travel, and blogs can be useful in terms of them being not only a reliable place to seek information about travel destinations, but also a great source of stories and other interesting pieces of advice. We feel that these blogs have some fantastic stories to tell whilst at the same time providing an excellent source of information and are thus deserving of an award which reflects this.

Award Recipients 2009

The following category links take you to the overview page for each category, listing the winner and runners-up in each blog category.


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