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The top blogs about Europe and European travels were selected by our panel because they offer a great insight into not only European culture and history, but also the unique experience of each individual blogger, which may in turn convince their own readers that it's worth taking a trip to Europe. It is this passion that contributed to the decision to award these particular blogs, but other causative factors included accompanying media, along with videos, sources and pictures, all of which helped towards the success of the blog.

These bloggers have actively and efficiently channelled what it's like to travel about Europe, with their readers being able to experience this from the comfort of their own chairs or computers.

Award Recipients 2009

  • 1st http://www.eurocheapo.com/blog/
  • 2nd http://chezlouloufrance.blogspot.com/
  • 3rd http://parisbreakfasts.blogspot.com/
  • 4th http://lavieverte.wordpress.com/
  • 5th http://www.trippist.com/
  • 6th http://www.ayearineurope.com/
  • 7th http://blog.travelfoot.com/
  • 8th http://2baci.blogspot.com/
  • 9th http://www.italianamericangirl.com/
  • 10th http://ckenb.blogspot.com/
  • Finalist http://wanderingitaly.com/blog/
  • Finalist http://www.overlandtales.com/
  • Finalist http://www.find-croatia.com/blog/
  • Finalist http://www.europeupclose.com/
  • Finalist http://www.rstravelandtours.com/
  • Finalist http://welshhillsagain.blogspot.com/
  • Finalist http://www.sloweurope.com/blog/
  • Finalist http://www.europetrotter.org/
  • Finalist http://www.karieandscott.com/blog/
  • Finalist http://www.parisianspring.blogspot.com/

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