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Becoming the receiver of poor customer service or, at worst, flat-out scams is something ninety percent of all travellers experience at some stage during their experiences. Designed to help you at all stages of a purchase, there are many websites out there working diligently to supply us with the information we need when things turn sour - so many, in fact, that we turned our attention to only the most helpful and accurate sites active in the travel community. Each of these are indispensible resources for the modern traveller and we highly recommend reading up on them even if you aren't in a dispute right now - after all, prevention is always better than the cure.

  • Holiday Travel Watch


    Holiday Travel Watch are an impartial service who help resolve a staggering amount of difficult complaints between holidaymakers and travel companies. If you're keen not to ever have to rely on this invaluable service, there is plenty of free advice on the blog to aid you in avoiding trouble.

  • the BOOT


    Primarily serving the Australasian and Asian areas, Tim Hughes sheds light on the online travel business from the inside with some great analysis and thought-provoking personal opinion.

  • Consumer Travel Alliance blog


    The CTA (Consumer Travel Alliance) carries out some truly great work in improving public awareness of current travel issues, including environmental impact and political happenings. The site is a huge knowledge bank it its own right, and the blog is a recommended place to begin your education.

  • Travel Babel


    Travel writing by the extraordinarily experienced author Claire Walter is served up on an almost daily basis at Travel Babel, bringing readers tips, news and consumer affair information from around the world (as well as an unmissable series of Claire's own travel articles and stories).

  • Consumer Travel


    Consumer Travel is an online magazine featuring articles on the less-reported consumer issues which crop up but are nevertheless important to any traveller.

  • The Currency Exchange Site


    The online bible on everything to do with travel-related money issues, and one of the best exchange services we have ever had the pleasure of coming across.

  • Backpacker Ben


    As much an inspiring travelogue as it is a how-to on big travel adventures, Backpacker Ben's blog is packed with smart advice and so much more.

  • World Travel Blog


    World travel advice does not often come more beautifully presented than this astounding blog. As well as keeping you out of trouble, the site details some of the more unusual and inspiring places which are ripe with adventure.

  • Travel Watchdog


    It's not the world's prettiest site, but it is one of the most useful when it comes to avoiding being ripped-off when travelling.

  • UK Orbit


    The first port-of-call for anyone requiring consumer information in the Auk, especially when it comes to travel and credit related issues.

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