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This is the blog award category for the best beach and coastal blogs currently active on the web. The world's extensive coastlines hold a special reverence in our hearts and draw people in on both tourism grounds and as residents, with the notion of living by the sea viewed as a hugely desirable prospect by most people. This romantic and long-held fascination with our shores has led to vibrant communities springing up wherever land meets water, and no two beaches are quite the same, from the pristine sands of the tropics to Newfoundland's rugged and prehistoric scenery. Capturing the essence of these magical places, as well as serving those who enjoy them, is not an easy task; we're certain you'll agree that the following award winners do just that.

  • Pasties & Cream


    Get a sense of West Cornwall in all its glory with Ismay Atkin's blog, with a particular focus on dining and getting out and about. Tremendous work

  • St. Ives Cornwall blog


    St. Ives is a premier tourist location in Cornwall and one strong in culture. Of all the sites we've come across covering the town, we can think of no better place to keep up to date with St. Ives than this fine blog

  • Lookaround Cornwall


    If you're looking for ideas of places to go across the length and breadth of the county, you'll find all manner of attractions at Lookaround Cornwall. An excellent public service

  • Blog Kernow


    The Cornish political arena is an incredibly active beast, and there are more blogs covering this sector than we could ever hope to include here. However, the best of them are aggregated at Blog Kernow, an automatically updated site which never fails to deliver the goods

  • St. Mabyn Village News


    Although it is extremely localized and probably not of broad interest, our judges didn't hesitate in including the St. Mabyn Village News blog into the list since it is a prime example of Cornish life and exactly what blogging is all about

  • The Magic of Cornwall


    The Magic of Cornwall captures exactly that, with a superb blog and information on many facets of Cornwall's culture and history. Neatly presented and a pleasure to read

  • Business Cornwall


    Business Cornwall is a powerhouse of news reporting and is comprehensive in its coverage. Displays a good mix of articles of interest to both the local resident and entrepreneur alike

  • From London to Land Girl


    An absolutely marvellous personal blog which documents the life of Holly, a girl who gave up living in London last year to try her hand living and working on an eco farm in Cornwall. Not only brave but a great writer to boot

  • Cornish Tuna


    Sustainable fishing is not only a popular topic but one of utmost importance. Cornish Tuna helps raise our consciousness to the issues at hand in a highly effective manner - a site everyone should visit

  • Cornwall Culture


    Cornish culture is a often a strange and fascinating thing for the outsider to observe - get to grips with it through this concise and insightful resource site

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