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The massive regional and national variance of French cuisine is a blessing to any gastrophile, particularly one who enjoys the wines and cheeses which have become its signatures. If you want to dabble in a spot of French cooking yourself, expand your existing skills, or are simply hopeless in the kitchen yet love your exotic foods; then our award winning French Cuisine blog category will fulfil your taste buds. French food is constantly changing, yet these blogs guarantee to keep you up to date with the latest trends and tastes which crop up daily.

  • La Tartine Gourmande


    La Tartine Gourmande has already had a great deal of critical acclaim, and rightly so. As well as being a visual feast, the blog's recipes are neatly categorized and includes gluten-free and vegetarian ideas.

  • Easy French Food


    Lots of inspiration to be found in the Easy French Food blog, including advice of wine and its storage, serving suggestions, Q&A posts and more recipes you than you could ever wish to digest in an entire month of cooking.

  • 18thC Cuisine


    An innovative themed blog by chef supreme Carolyn Smith-Kizer, in which she explores the methods and recipes of 18th century French cuisine.

  • French Revolution


    Many thanks go to Kerry, an American with a taste for French food who proves that attaining culinary heaven doesn't always have to involve a state-of-the-art kitchen or a formal qualification.

  • The French Fork


    Laetitia writes with a personal style and a flair for words over at the French Fork, conveying the joy of cooking which never alienates the amateur.

  • Provence: Tales and Tasting


    Provence Tales serves up some excellent recipes, many of which you wouldn't have dreamed of before, as well as the highly readable and frequently posted travel stories which make up the bulk of the blog.

  • Croque-Camille


    An expat in Paris chronicles her adventures of navigating through the disciplines of French cuisine using improvised and inspiring recipes, resulting in a large amount of success and massive amount of fun.

  • French Cooking for Dummies


    The title really says it all - the blog is designed for novice French cooks, but the end result of each recipe will give the impression of a master's handiwork.

  • The Food of France


    A blog which ropes together all the latest news on French cuisine as it is reported around the world on French cuisine, intended for an English-speaking audience.

  • Food Beam


    Illustrated with great photography and sweet doodles, Fanny's predominantly French dessert blog will leave your mouth watering. Thankfully, she shows us how to recreate her own specialities for ourselves.

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