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Mexico is a giant among countries, covering nearly two million square kilometres and has a history that is equally as extensive. Mexico has been host to some of the worlds most advanced ancient civilizations such as the Mayans and Aztecs, populations renowned for their advanced writing systems and their peaceful cultures. With lots to explore and even more to do in the country, picking a place to start is a mind-boggling experience - our panel have reviewed just about every blog and guide site on the subject of Mexico, narrowing the list down through a series of strict criteria to come to a small collection of sites worthy of award and praise. Enjoy!

  • Mexico Travel Guide Blog


    A colourful, funky little presentation on travel in Mexico brimming with handy tips and all the hot spots. Picks up a new location in every post and dissects the pros and cons of each.

  • Photo Carraol Images of Mexico City


    A delightful photo blog that ensnares the beauty of urban life in Mexico City in a varied and visually arresting style. Simply stunning work of a consistently high quality.

  • Mexico Today


    A massively detailed news blog describing the most recent events regarding Mexico. Analysis of the week's news and current affairs provide a useful service as it is coupled with articles translated for an English-speaking reader.

  • Mexico Premiere


    Simplistic but pristine and with a large dose of suave, Mexico Premiere blogs about everything of interest to the resident and traveller in Mexico, written by a team of clearly expert writers.

  • David Lida Mostly Mexico City


    A very reliable resource on the history of Mexico City in juxtaposition of the city as it is now. The blog's author, David Lida, is a globally recognised journalist too with decades of experience living in the city, so the site is definitely not one to miss.

  • Mexico City: An Opinionated Guide


    Sleek and refined, this blog backs up Jim Johnston's great book 'Mexico City: An Opinionated Guide´┐Ż'. If you have read and enjoyed the book, expect more of the same from these authentic accounts.

  • Intersections


    Artistic without a flaw and blogged by a student living in Mexico, Intersections is a collection of powerful photos and even more powerful words portraying Mexico at both its best and worst.

  • Midwesterner in Mexico


    Midwesterner in Mexico expressively portrays what it is to be a foreigner looking in on Mexican culture, providing both fascinating reading and a useful resource for anyone else trying to get to grips with Mexico.

  • Inside Mex


    Packed with information regarding absolutely everything Mexico related, whether it be travel, living in Mexico itself, the real estate market, cuisine... you name it, Inside Mex has it.

  • Mexicowoods - An Expatriate Life


    A personal account of an expatriate's life in Mexico - opinionated, yet backed up with an impressive amount of knowledge and conveyed in effortlessly cool prose.

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