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With 10 million residents residing in Russia's capital, Moscow is an eclectic city with a vibrant (and frequently tumultuous) history. This major world city offers a love-it-or-hate-it experience to the masses of tourists which visit it, though the majority revel in its unique atmosphere. There are more aspects to Moscow living than there are spires on the Kremlin, so it naturally follows that there are many sites to reflect this and help tourists navigate the city.

  • Pictures of Moscow


    Rather than rely on photos of Moscow's famous architecture, the Pictures of Moscow site also illustrates daily events in the city via the photographic medium. Varied and well put-together.

  • Scraps of Moscow


    A news commentary site which doesn't pull its punches. Scraps of Moscow is a sharply written political (although not always) blog which also performs the commendable service of translating Russian-language articles for our consumption.

  • Mission to Moscow


    Mission to Moscow is the home for the pithy chronicles of an English teacher whose travels have led her to work in Moscow. Covers the aspects of Russian life that only a critical foreign eye can pick up on.,Has previous award on site.

  • In Moscow's Shadows


    Although there are many plus sides to living in Moscow, the city is not without its controversy. Dr. Mark Galeotti is an expert delving into the darker side of Moscow and reports on crime and security issues with clinical precision.

  • Russia Trek


    Russia Trek is a great introduction for prospective travellers to Moscow and beyond, neatly categorized by subject and updated regularly with news, events and photography.

  • Moscow City


    From organising travel arrangements, booking hotels and finding things to do in the city, this website is a fully comprehensive and searchable information site and a boon to the avid traveller.

  • Moscow-Life


    Moscow-Life is a very well designed info site incorporating user submitted reviews of the city's hotspots, giving you an authentic view of Moscow's nightlife.

  • Way to Russia


    The Way to Russia city guide has been used by scores of travellers over the last nine years to plan their travels to Moscow and others. Maintained by an expert team, the site is of great use to those of us trying to navigate the quagmire of visa regulations.

  • Discover Moscow


    An exhaustive list of all the unmissable hotspots in Moscow centre maintained by the Discovery Travel network, all organised into lists according to area of interest.

  • Element Moscow


    The Element magazine is always a great read covering the entertainment world of Moscow, with many of the best articles and gig reviews available for free through the website.

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