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The sprawling metropolis of New York encompasses a melting pot of cultural influences whilst at the same time being quintessential of America and all it stands for. Foreigners visiting the city are often mind blown by its intensity, and even long-term residents have a hard time getting to grips with the densely populated and built-up streets from time to time. Of course, there are as many preconceived notions about New York City as there are globally famous attractions, and there is no better way to understand life and living in the city than by consulting the blogosphere. With eight and a half million people spread between its four boroughs, it stands to reason that there are more NYC related blogs than one could possibly discover in a week, let alone keep track of - to aid this, the Tripbase judging team have compiled a list of ten of the best, not only for the enjoyment of readers but in recognition of their continued service.

  • Fish Without Bicycle


    A single British female chronicles her adventures living in New York, as told with a biting wit and fresh writing style. Covers the big things as well as the minutiae to give us a highly personal read.

  • Paz's New York Minute


    Paz's New York Minute has mutated over the last five years and has reached astounding heights, a strong readership and a groove inimitable anywhere else. Paz's fantastic photography really captures the essence of NYC.

  • Overheard in New York


    An immensely popular blog with a strong and entirely appealing concept: the city as told through the medium of overheard conversations. Extraordinarily funny and worth visiting daily.

  • NYC Bloggers


    It may be a little disingenuous including NYC Bloggers in our top ten New York City blogs, since it technically raises the total to well over 6,000; the site groups bloggers together by locality as shown by the iconic subway map, meaning that if the other nine on this list don't satisfy, you'll always be in touch with someone in your area.

  • New York Daily Photo


    A long standing photo blog which posts every weekday. Forget clich�d shots of the Statue of Liberty - the New York Daily Photo blog presents a varied mix of images from all across the city, some of which are as surprising as they are unique.

  • New York Portraits


    New York Portraits represents the human side of the city through a mix of excellent photography and writing - when it comes to representing the authentic side of New York, it doesn't get much better than this.

  • Walking Off The Big Apple


    Wandering around New York City nearly always throws up some surprises, and at least is an enjoyable way of taking in everything it has to offer - if you disagree, Walking Off the Big Apple will set you straight and more than likely inspire you to go for a wander of your own.

  • The Boreum Hill Blog


    A super-localized NYC blog covering the Boreum Hill area, maintained by a student journalist who is no doubt due to reach great heights in the future if the Boreum Hill blog is anything to go by.

  • The Disconnection


    In the author's own words, ""There are a lot of weirdos in New York City - somebody has to write about them!"". Follow the odd stories which ensue on a regular basis here.

  • Five Outsiders


    Jose, Jessica, David, Tara, Sasha and Deena represent a mix of voices covering all aspect of living in the city. A tremendous new blog which is soon to offer a series of webisodes on the site - stay tuned.

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