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Australia and New Zealand are both famous for their natural beauty, with open spaces, deserts, jagged mountains, lakes, beaches and even active volcanoes awaiting the wandering traveler. As both countries are extremely popular hotspots for global tourism, it's no surprise that they are also the subject of many sites - after hours of research and review, our judges are pleased to unveil their top picks from the hundreds of blogs currently active.

The scenery for both countries is a tourist attraction in itself and leaves visitors at a loss for words. Travelers can experience highly urbanized areas, while enjoying energetic town centers, museums touting local culture, a range of flavorful restaurants, cafes and pubs, and plenty of live music venues. Those inclined for more thrill-seeking activities can sky dive and bungee jump over the most magnificent of landscapes, snorkel and scuba dive in the endless coastal beaches, rock or ice climb the mountains and glaciers, or jump in the rivers for some black water rafting - There is truly something for everyone to enjoy in both countries.

Our award winners in the Australia and New Zealand category have been hand-selected as superb representatives of life and travel down under, and are a perfect starting point for anyone planning a trip to the region.

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Award Winners

  • TNT Down Under
  • NZS Blog
  • This Isn't Sydney
  • Emigrating To NZ
  • New Zealand Food And Wine TV
  • The Outback Guide Blog
  • Alanz Eyes
  • Outback Australia Travel Blog
  • Dawes Family In NZ
  • Tumbrella
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