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If you're considering seeing the world from the ocean, you're in the right place as here we present the finest blogs in our boating category for the Tripbase Awards 2011.

When thinking about travelling by boat, the first thought that comes to mind is likely that of a massive cruise ship carrying up to 5,000 passengers from one location to the next, and providing a luxurious vacation for those on board. However, as you will see in the expert blogs listed below, there is more to travelling by boat than just cruise ships. From high end and expensive super yachts to modest sailboats, many have taken to the seas on their own and found their own way to various travel destinations.

It is quite amazing to see the exquisiteness of yachts and super yachts. For some the reality of owning one may be possible, but for most the glimpse of them as seen through blogs is as close as it will get. At the other end of the spectrum, travelling in a smaller boat has caught on and become a personal feat for many to accomplish. Bloggers detail their personal excursions to islands, counties, and even all the way around the world.

We've found the blogs listed below to be the best for information on boat travel. They not only offer insight and advice into the technicalities of setting out, but also provide a more in-depth look via photo journals and diaries of their days at sea.

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Award Winners

  • Holland America Blog
  • The World By Sea
  • New Boat Blog
  • Power Yacht Blog
  • Super Yacht World Blog
  • Giira Yachts
  • Back Cove Yachts
  • Sailing Simplicity
  • SailAway Blog
  • We Live on a Boat
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