The Tripbase Awards 2011

Consumer Travel Advice

Tripbase cares a lot about the consumer and understands how frustrating it can be when things go wrong. As such, our panel have chosen those blogs - out of a shortlist of hundreds - which exist to help the consumer smooth things over if things go awry and prepare for the unexpected.

Travelling around the world is an extremely complicated process and is not without its difficulties. The act of flying, especially, is so fraught with difficulties and bureaucracy that occasionally things do go awry. Logistically, there are few things more complicated than ensuring hundreds of thousands of people (and hundreds of thousands of suitcases) end up in the right place at the right time with the minimum of fuss. Unfortunately things sometimes do go wrong and, as such, the consumer needs to know their rights.

These blogs are very deserving of their awards. Here is where you can find out how to claim money back for flights disrupted by enormous ash clouds, or what to do in case the country you're staying in goes through some sort of political turmoil.

We've chosen the blogs which make clear the steps the consumer needs to do to keep safe. As well as looking at important websites like those of the Foreign Office and your airline, use these thoughtful blogs and their information.

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Award Winners

  • Holiday Travel Watch
  • the BOOT
  • Consumer Travel Alliance blog
  • Consumer Travel
  • The Currency Exchange Site
  • Backpacker Ben
  • World Travel Blog
  • Travel Watchdog
  • UK Orbit
  • Elliott
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