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Our panel of expert judges loved compiling this list, which involved looking at nearly a thousand food blogs and choosing only the tastiest delicacies for your enjoyment. Finally we arrived at the final ten, which we're sure you'll agree are the best food blogs from around the world.

One of the most predominant types of blogs is that of fellow foodies. Hundreds of people take to reviewing local cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants in the area while publishing their opinions and photos of the experience. The idea that everyone can be a food critic has opened up a world that many can enjoy and can benefit from. While a ‘real' critic may not have ever visited the local eatery down the street, you can post your humble opinion of the house specialty, and then compare it with that of your neighbor's.

While food blogs abound on the Internet, there is something to be said about the higher quality ones. These bloggers make food part of their day-to-day living, and are dedicated to posting up to date information on foods from all over the world. When travelling, they share cuisine experiences and entice others with culinary descriptions. Bloggers will also share in recipes that they have obtained and attempted, and offer a photo catalog along the way.

Below you'll find a list of the best blogs written by those inspired by all things food related. Cuisine can be found at the center of every culture. Food bloggers open the door to new cultures and allow readers the chance to experience new places without ever leaving their home.

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Award Winners

  • Eating Asia
  • My Kugelhopf
  • Rambling Spoon
  • Traveler's Lunch Box
  • Serge The Concierge
  • Enjoy - Food and Travel
  • Thai Food and Travel Blog
  • Young and Foodish
  • Tastes Like Home
  • Istanbul Eats
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