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Welcome to the Tripbase Award category for best golfing blogs. The game of golf attracts die-hard fans from every walk of life. Its complexities and the nuances of each course provide a very satisfying richness to the game. The selection of blogs that we've compiled reflects this, as well as the differing levels of skill and experience.

We've given awards to blogs that deal with all aspects of golfing travel, from the best destinations to the cheapest way to get your clubs from A to B. Some of the blogs also explore the minefield that is golfing hotel accommodation. We've given preference to blogs which are entertaining and cater for golfers of all abilities, and we've specially selected some which give you vital background information to the courses - local weather patterns, local eateries, and of course the technical specification.

We're keen to showcase the best golfing blogs available. Not only are these award-winners extremely useful references and sources of information, but they also deserve their awards for the sheer effort they have made and the devotion they have to the game.

The blogs below offer such a good overview of golfing and travel that they're useful to anybody - whether you're a diehard fan or you think that ‘golf is a good walk ruined'.

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Award Winners

  • Golf Odyssey
  • The 20th Hole
  • Swedish Golf Online
  • Hooked on Golf
  • The Deep Rough
  • The Golf Girl
  • Geoff Shackelford
  • Illogical Golf Blog
  • My Daily Slice
  • UK Golf Guide
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