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Arguably one of the most picturesque states in America, our panel have found some real gems in the Tripbase Awards Hawaii category. After hours of deliberation and over two hundred contenders on the shortlist, the judges managed to pick only the very highest quality blogs for your enjoyment.

With six islands open for tourism, Hawaii has something to offer for every kind of visitor. Whether your goal is to relax on white sands, partake in the delectable Hawaiian cuisine, or to take a helicopter tour over the volcano tops, Hawaii promises to be as relaxing or exciting as you wish. Families are welcome as there are many activities available for all ages of children and adults alike. Enjoy the multitude of outdoor activities, including hiking and horseback riding through the beautiful rainforests, scuba diving and snorkeling tours, jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking, and of course surfing.

All of the islands offer plenty of opportunities to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather while lying on a towel. As Hawaii is best known for its beaches, visitors have many choices when picking their spot of land for the day for soaking up the sun. And in a close second is the food that Hawaii presents. Especially if you're staying on a resort, you'll no doubt enjoy a luau, a traditional Hawaiian feast, along with Hawaiian music hula dancers for entertainment, complete with grass skirts.

The blogs listed below are the best we've found at highlighting the magnificence of Hawaii and the activities that visitors can look forward to experiencing once they arrive.

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Award Winners

  • Hawaii Vacation Blog
  • Hawaii Book Blog
  • Hawaiian Kingdom Blog
  • SusHI
  • Hawaii Life Real Estate Blog
  • Island Breath
  • KauaiEclectic Blog
  • Discover Hawaii blog
  • Alternative Hawaii
  • Aloha-Hawaii
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