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Italian Cuisine

The Tripbase panel found the top two hundred Italian cuisine blogs and whittled them down to this select list of award-winners. Clear, informative content, thorough research and attractive interface have all been rewarded in the Tripbase Italian cuisine category.

We're all familiar with Italian cuisine. At least we think we are. We can phone a number and get pizza delivered directly to our door, with any variety of toppings. The doughy pizza that arrives in a cardboard box bears so little relation, however, to the traditional Italian delicacy that the two are almost completely different entities. The thick, stodgy bread and the bland or over-spiced toppings make for perfect no-effort nosh, but travelers to Italy will be able to savor the crispy-based platter of fresh meat and vegetables we once expected from pizza. Spaghetti Bolognese is another firm family favorite, as is lasagna. No pub menu would be complete without a reasonable lasagna, probably accompanied by a tomato salad and chips.

Italians like to eat. Lunch times are much longer than ours, generally speaking, and the day allows for a mid-afternoon snack called a merenda, normally taken by the youngsters in the family. Conversely, Italians generally have lighter meals in the evening than they do at lunch.

We've listed the following blogs not just because they accurately portray the diversity inherent in Italian food, but because they show the richness of Italian and Mediterranean culture... certainly food for thought.

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  • Aglio, Olio, Peperoncino
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