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In the Malaysia category of our 2011 Travel Awards, the bloggers you'll see below have made it to the winners' list by writing informative and entertaining content about the Malaysia. The Tripbase panel have paid particular attention to blogs which offer video and audio as well as pictures and text.

The word Malaysia comes from the Sanskrit for ‘land of mountains'. Indeed, Malaysia is a very mountainous country; with UNESCO site Mount Kinabalu the tallest peak in the hilly interior. Some mountains are ready to climb, with footpaths through the national parks. The most spectacular mountains, however, are half-explored monsters only tackled by the terminally brave. The barely accessible Mulu Cave system is the largest such system on the planet but is there for the most intrepid explorers. The flatter coastal regions are attracting more and more tourists every year. The picturesque plains are worth exploring by car, and the capital Kuala Lumpur boats a rich array of heritage sites, museums and shops. Malaysian cuisine is a product of the ethnic diversity within its population of 48 million and varies from street to street in the capital, almost all of it influenced by the nation's proximity to the spice route. Visitors in search of a carnival atmosphere should visit on the 31st of August, which is Malaysian Independence Day.

Malaysia's bourgeoning tourism sector is well documented on the internet, but below are the most reliable sources of information we found on the nation. Highly recommended reading.

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