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Mumbai is an energetic and eclectic city and the streets are filled with people from all over India. Mumbai is known as the melting pot of India, evidenced by the varied choice of cuisines available. Almost any type of food from all over the world can be found in the city, and there are plenty of upscale restaurants to show off their menu and style. However the truly authentic flavors of Mumbai will be found in the street food and market vendors that abound everywhere. The street scene is rowdy and markets are loud, with hustling vendors and throngs of people going in all directions. Being in the midst of this is likely the most authentic and ‘local' experience that a tourist could have while visiting. Mumbai is host to many famous art galleries and museums, as well as theatres, plays, and musical venues. The city also has many parks, gardens, and even campsites that are maintained and ready for use. And probably the flashiest aspect of Mumbai life is Bollywood, the largest Hindi film producer in India. Bollywood stars frequent Mumbai nightlife upscale restaurants, adding a new level of energy to this already over-stimulating city.

Ready to jump a plane and get in on the action? Check out the blogs below to find a comprehensive list of the best online journals that highlight Mumbai.

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Award Winners

  • Mumbai Magic
  • The Compulsive Confessor
  • Mumbai Hikers
  • Desiderata
  • Movie Murmur
  • Shilpa Agarwal
  • Bombay First
  • Mumbai Junction
  • Eating Out in Bombay
  • My Mumbai City
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