The Tripbase Awards 2011

North - South America

Covering over a quarter of Earth's land surface area, our judges have ploughed through several hundred nominations in the Americas category, whittling it down to the final list of winners which captured the hearts and minds of the panel (and, hopefully, those of you who delve into the below).

North and South America are immense landmasses that have infinite and varied opportunities for tourists year round. It would take years to experience even a taste of what both continents have to offer. The vastness of North America stretches across all kinds of climates, landscapes, and cultures. Canada has large areas of land, beautiful and unspoiled, however is also home to many large cities, including the very energetic and diverse Toronto. From the East coast to the West coast, the United States offers amazing assortment of national parks, sparkling big cities, and everything imaginable in between. Heading south, travelers will find warmer temperatures, sunny beaches, and a plethora of history and culture in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

The wildness of South America can be explained in the landscapes that are present throughout the country. It's host to the world's biggest rainforest, the largest river, the tallest waterfall, and the highest mountain range. Visitors can also experience the wide range of climates in sunny beaches, icy landscapes, and widespread deserts. From mountain climbing to scuba diving, South America offers travelers any kind of experience that they are looking for.

The blogs listed below offer the best comprehensive information on what both North and South America have to offer visitors.

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