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The romance and beauty of Paris has been captured and conveyed by a nearly countless amount of bloggers - in this category, we present the most passionate and dedicated currently writing about the city, and who certainly deserve this award for surviving the demanding selection process.

The name Paris derives from a Gaulish tribe called the Parisii, who roamed the area during the Iron Age and the Roman era. Now, it is an enormous metropolitan zone with around eleven million inhabitants and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the history of the world.

Most people don't need an excuse to go to France. From England, the journey takes a matter of hours. For some parts of the South East, it's quicker to get to Calais than it is to get to London. With regular international trains from central London there is no excuse for not visiting Paris on a fairly regular basis.

After all, French food is some of the best in the world. The scenery in Paris is unique and iconic and, if you venture just a short distance out of town, you end up in the lush rolling hills and picturesque avenues of rural France.

We've hand-picked these blogs from hundreds on the subject of visiting Paris, selecting the very finest. The award winners below will guide you all the way to a pretty little café overlooking the Arc de Triumph and an enormous helping of croissants and fresh butter.

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Award Winners

  • HiP Paris
  • The Paris Blog
  • Secrets of Paris
  • Paris Daily Photo
  • Paris Perfect
  • Paris Parfait
  • La Coquette
  • Meg Zimbeck
  • Hungry for Paris
  • Beth Arnold Letters from Paris
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