The Tripbase Awards 2011


Photography has become a favorite hobby of many, thanks to the affordability of cameras and necessary equipment. The Tripbase panel has found the best blogs which allow anybody with tiniest hint of a creative streak can partake in this artistic pursuit and find a new way to express themselves.

With an infinite amount of resources, both on and offline, learning the art of photography is a very exciting and stimulating activity. When combined with travel, photography is taken to a whole new level and experienced in a different way. Bloggers by nature share their written experiences, however travel photography adds an element that not only allows the traveler a new creative outlet, but also invites the reader to experience the journey with them. Fellow travel aficionados are able to live vicariously through the travelers, and have an accurate up to date following of their where they are.

Listed below is a comprehensive list of the best blogs dedicated to travel photography. They exhibit beauty and creativity as well as a plethora of knowledge for the new and experienced travel photographer. They tell stories of where they have been the amazing sites they were able to see. Be prepared to be awed and inspired after browsing through, and plan to create your own travel photo blog on your next journey.

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Award Winners

  • My Marrakesh
  • The Travel Photographer
  • Stuck In Customs
  • From The Faraway, Nearby
  • Olga The Traveling Bra
  • Andre Gunther Photography
  • Reason To Wander
  • Travelvice
  • Wilderness Diary
  • Photoblog
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