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Based on their style, ingenuity, information, and content, our panel of experts drew up a shortlist consisting of around two hundred survival blogs. Here at Tripbase we need more than just words, though - the team whittled that list down to the winners you can see on this page by checking each blog for raw, unadulterated passion.

This award category is for adventurers. There's nothing quite like the affirming sense that, without any outside help or the reassurance of an ambulance on standby, you're perfectly equipped to survive unassisted in the wild. It is the most raw of human instincts - to survive by any means - and brings out the best in even the daintiest of people.

Survival holidays force us to be resourceful. Without the accoutrements of modern existence like cookers, fridges, telephones and vehicles, we're free to simply exist as the organisms we are. Normally survival holidays take place in the woods - we are primates after all - but some particularly intrepid holidaymakers may decide to move out of the species' comfort zone and into a desert or aquatic environment.

The blogs we've listed for this award are here because they give you the options. Obviously survival holidays are about cutting back to basics using only the most essential tools and leaving the rest up to survival skill. But before you go it is definitely worth checking in with these modern blogs - even if it is the last experience you ever have of of the civilised world.

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Award Winners

  • Survival Blog
  • TheSurvivalistBlog
  • Backwoods Survival Blog
  • Survival-Spot
  • Stealth Survival
  • Daily Survival
  • The Aliyah Survival blog
  • Prepare!
  • Bruce Barber's Real Life Survival Guide
  • Bug Out Survival
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