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World Wine

It takes a knowledgeable, captivating writer to win a prestigious Tripbase award. In our category for world wines, this is especially true and the hand-selected blogs on this page represent these qualities and more, as judged by our resident team of wine lovers and travel experts.

Whether discussing Old World or New World wines, there is plenty of delicious material to cover. Old World wines originated from Europe and other regions that have a long history of wine production. Old World wine production has a strong emphasis on how well the wine communicates with its sense of where it was uniquely produced, and opposes techniques that may distort the original expression of the finished product. In contract, most New World wine production tends to focus more on the winemaker and techniques that can be used to bring out the flavors of the wine for a more enjoyable taste. Overall, the processing of both Old and New World wines can easily be seen as an almost spiritual activity that is carefully tended to by experts.

Wine bloggers focus on a variety of aspects of their favorite drink and provide a wealth of information for readers. From discussing the favorite regions where it is produced to the best ways to serve your favorite wine, there is an endless amount of information that is available from wine connoisseurs. Many make journeys to their favorite vineyards and experience choice wine on location.

The blogs listed below offer the most comprehensive information on Old and New World wines, as well a tempting glance into traveling to seek out the perfect glassful.

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Award Winners

  • Why Wine Blog
  • McDuff's Food & Wine Trail
  • Central Coast Wine Blogs
  • VinoVerve
  • FoodWineTravel
  • Jamie Goode's Wine Blog
  • Grape Wall of China
  • O'Vineyards Winemaker Blog
  • Wine Brands Blog
  • Winesworld's blog
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