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Flights with Flexible Dates

If you can manage to adjust your travel schedule by even just a few days, you may be able to save a lot of money on airfare prices. Although not all travelers have this luxury, flexibility is a wonderful thing when you need to book a flight. Chances are, the more flexible you can be the more money you’ll save on your trip!

Flexible Flights Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Save money on your trip Restrictions in your travel itinerary
Less crowded flights and airport lines Flight times may be inconvenient
Opportunity to explore new places More potential layovers
Enjoy the spontaneity of travel Additional advance research required

Flexible Flight Search:

Some travel search engines are more helpful than others when searching for a flexible flight. Some popular online travel agencies have disabled flexible travel date searches to comply with government rules about tax-included airfare advertising. However, travelers still have several options for plus or minus 1-to-3 day flexible searching:

Keep in mind that our Tripbase Flight Search compares prices among many providers, including many that offer flexible search.

Flexible Flight Tips:

  • Shop for airfare on Tuesdays in the early afternoon to find the best airline sales
  • Plan to depart on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturday, which are generally the cheapest days to travel
  • Set up airfare alerts to be notified when better rates become available
  • Consider early morning and late night flights if your schedule is flexible
  • Opt for a layover if there’s a huge price difference and you’re not in a rush
  • Compare surrounding airports in case a nearby one is more affordable


For budget-minded travelers, the pros of flexible date travel often outweigh the cons. But even if your travel itinerary is set in stone, these flight tips can still help you save some money. To find valuable information about flights with flexible dates for your upcoming trip, head over to the Tripbase Flight Search Tool to search by city, airport, and dates of travel. And if you’re worried about having to change or cancel your flight at the last minute, read our blog with everything you need to know about Flights with Changeable Dates.