The Royal event of the year is to double up as preparation for the Queen’s funeral.


As Britain prepares for the wedding of the year, the event is set to double up as rehearsals for the funeral of the Queen.

The wedding, which takes place on the 29th April 2011 between future king Prince William and Kate Middleton, has taken up a great deal of media coverage since the announcement of their engagement in November last year. Although little does the public know is that the planned route is also set to be that of the sovereign’s cortege.

While the Queen remains healthy and very much alive, the preparations remain in place for the future sombre event. A gun carriage will hold her coffin from her home in Buckingham Palace through to Westminster hall.

This gives senior palace officials the chance to practice the route in a more joyous occasion.

The operation, known as “London Bridge” will allow officials to practice the route and timing within a massive ceremony with all eyes of the country transfixed on that of the royal family.

The Queen is believed to be aware of the practice run, taking an interest in the details.

With international interest believed to take over that of Princess Diana’s funeral, staff at Buckingham Palace will aim to get the future task in hand as smoothly as possible.

Reported by Mike Jordison.

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