Road Trip Ideas around the World

The Road Trip Concept

What exactly defines a road trip? Is it simply sitting in a car as hours turn into days? Does it need to be on an iconic route that’s blogged about all over the Internet?

In its most basic sense, a road trip is a journey taken on roads and traveling long distances by automobile. The first documented automobile road trip was taken by Bertha Benz (wife of Karl Benz, inventor of the first patented motor car), who traveled 66 miles in Germany in 1888. Since that time, road trips have evolved into an enduring and nostalgic travel tradition that’s also practical, affordable, and fun. Countless movies have revolved around legendary road trips and immortalized their place in modern history. And if you’re looking for road trip ideas, you’re in the right place!


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Advantages of Road Tripping

Whether you detest airports, are on a strict budget, or prefer to travel at your own pace, road trips have many advantages over other forms of travel. Here are just a few examples:

  • For distances less than 600 miles, fuel generally costs less than airfare
  • Pack more luggage and bring home more souvenirs
  • Conveniently come and go on your own schedule
  • Find hidden places of interest and sightseeing spots along the way
  • Bond with your family and friends while experiencing new places
  • Experience the freedom and independence of the open road

Road Trip Considerations

However, your ease of travel definitely depends upon the destination you plan to explore on your road trip. Here are a few things to consider before hopping in the car and powering on the ignition:

  • Bring a map or GPS to guide you
  • Make sure your vehicle is in good condition and bring a roadside safety kit
  • Review rules of the road and road signs if you’re driving in a foreign country
  • Travel with people you can stand to be with in tight quarters for an extended time
  • Be spontaneous and veer off your route occasionally
  • Plan some car games and activities to keep everyone entertained

Money-Saving Tips

Road tripping is a great way to cut travel costs and see the world on a budget. Here are some money-saving road trip tips to keep in mind for your journey:

  • Drive a fuel-efficient car that gets good gas mileage
  • Check gas cost calculators in your area to find the cheapest fuel
  • Stock up on snacks and drinks so you don’t splurge at every gas station stop
  • Pitch a tent in campgrounds and national parks to save on hotel costs
  • Bring some cash so you don’t get stuck paying high ATM fees

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Planning Your Trip

As with many aspects of travel, road trips can be as spontaneous or as planned out as you want them to be. So whether you plug an address into your GPS or just hit the open road with no destination in mind, always make sure to travel safe, smart, and with an open mind.

Need some inspiration? Check out our road trip suggestions in all corners of the globe.

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