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The Galapagos Islands are a location of profound human heritage - that is, they helped inspire the young Charles Darwin's pioneering into one of the greatest breakthroughs in modern scientific understanding. Of course, the wildlife and terrain of the Galapagos archipelago is still as breathtaking today as it was in Darwin's time. As one of the most eclectic representations of life on Earth, this is our list of sites which in turn present the Galapagos islands effectively to a human audience.

  • Galapagos Islands Tour Guide


    This online guide is a staggeringly huge collection of accurate information open to any traveller looking to voyage into Ecuador and the Galapagos islands for the first time.,Contact form lower down page

  • Galapagos Islands and Ecuador Travel Blog


    Keeping up to date with all the best deals and travel news is a task taken on with great efficiency over at this massively useful blog.

  • Discover Galapagos


    An all-inclusive resource for planning a cruise of the Galapagos Islands, a highly recommended way of seeing it all. Plenty of guides, tips and deals to keep every island-hopper satisfied.

  • Ecuador Channel


    With expertly written articles on Ecuador's biodiversity and culture, as well as some striking photography of both, fans of both the mainland and archipelago can dive in and spend a lengthy chunk of time trying to take it all in.

  • Galapaguide


    We can only imagine the amount of time and effort which went into the Galapaguide info portal. If you can find any topic they haven't covered you deserve an award of your own!

  • Pro-Ecuador


    If you feel so inspired by Ecuador you're considering going from tourist to resident, you could do much worse than stopping by this comprehensive living guide and blog.

  • Ecuador Travel


    Not only is the biodiversity and landscape of the Galapagos covered here but also Ecuador's culture, the stunning Andes and Amazon regions and a great accommodation guide.

  • Galapagos Conservation Trust


    A charity worthy of your time and attention, the Galapagos Conservation Trust work hard and thanklessly to raise awareness of the archipelago's importance as a conservation area. Do give generously if you can, or at the very least use the site as an educational tool.

  • Darwin Adventure


    A well-categorized info portal covering literally everything you could possibly want to know about the islands, as well as some pointers on where to go scuba diving, cruising, wildlife watching etc.

  • Go Visit Galapagos


    More than just an online tour guide, the Go Visit Galapagos resource is also a handy collection of concise information on Darwin and the nature he observed on the islands.

  • My Trip to Ecuador


    If you're after maps, attraction guides, travel stories and well, just about anything you can name on Ecuador and Galapagos tourism, you'll have no trouble finding it here.

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