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One of the most developed countries in the world, Iceland has seen a lot of press over the last few years following the Icelandic banking crash and, more recently, the Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption. We've assembled and awarded what we consider to be the finest blogs from Iceland which effectively represent this great nation.

  • Iceland Eyes


    With an array of photography and though-provoking prose representing a cross section of everyday life in the country, Iceland Eyes is a wonderful blog and thoroughly entertaining read.

  • Iceland Banking Crisis News


    Halldor Sigurdsson set up his no holds barred blog to detail the political scandals of Iceland's turbulent recent history, writing with both directness and pride.

  • Klaus Jensen


    Klauss Jensen is a self-described "Danish Viking", a software programmer who moved to Iceland a couple of years ago. His love of the outdoors shows through as he blogs about his everyday adventures.

  • Iceland in Focus


    Iceland In Focus is an in-depth photo and article resource site with a huge volume of content. If you've ever doubted how beautiful the country is, you'd be strongly advised to visit here.

  • Iceland Chronicles


    With detailed analysis of island goings-on, Iceland Chronicles is a relatively new online zine worthy of mention for its strong voice and interesting content.

  • Iceland on Screen


    With its epic terrain and desolate beauty, there's little wonder why filmmakers have a love of Iceland. This immensely readable blog takes a look at the world of film and television from the frigid island.

  • Iceland Wants to be Your Friend


    A clever initiative by the Icelandic Tourist Board, the pithy Iceland Wants to be Your Friend blog gives you countless reasons to visit the country.

  • Iceland Naturally


    The Iceland Naturally blog features anything of interest occuring in and around the island, while the rest of the site offers an extremely handy overview of the inner workings of the country.

  • Iceland Photoblog


    You don't even need to be an Iceland enthusiast to enjoy the awe inspiring photography featured on the Iceland Photoblog - stunning images with technical details included for the camera fan.

  • Ice Cook


    Not the most obvious for world cuisine, but Iceland does have some hidden cookery gems and the Icecook blog will delight and surprise.

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