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Although the island has been known to seafarers for over a thousand years, Mauritius has only been a permanent home to us since the 17th century. We're guessing the Europeans settlers wished they'd come across it sooner, since it's as famous as the only and last home of the dodo as it is for its unprecedented beauty. If you're planning your own trip to this gorgeous island paradise, you'll want to know as much about it as possible in order to make the most out of your holiday - that's where our hand-selected list of award winning Mauritius-based blogs comes into play.

  • Island Crisis


    If you're planning to book a holiday in Mauritius, or even if you live here permanently, you could do much worse than checking out the online articles here, regardless of whether you're a party animal or prefer to lounge on the blissful sands.

  • Mauritius Blog for Travellers


    Geared specifically towards holidaymakers, here you'll find a wealth of content on a variety of issues, from honeymooning in Mauritius to getting around the island. Very useful stuff.

  • The Eagle's Lodge


    The Eagle's Lodge is the online home of a talented Mauritian writer who does us all a service by blogging about both the positives and negatives of the country. A more fair and balanced representation couldn't be asked for.

  • Yashvinblogs


    Yashvin's site is a perfect mix of both highly readable personal blog and an online guide to living and travelling in Mauritius. A fine publication.

  • Kotzot News


    A multi-lingual Mauritian news site which is incredibly user friendly and uploads more quality content than anyone can conceivably keep track of.

  • Mauritius UK Connection


    Alongside this one, the site has already won a handful awards for it's standing as a premier online guidebook to Mauritius - with the amount of useful and accurate information on offer, it's not difficult to see why.

  • Maurinet


    Maurinet is not only an incredibly powerful resource for travellers but it is also the most comprehensive business directory we've come across for the island.

  • Mauritius News


    A very slick news site which should be your first port of call for breaking exclusives on the island.

  • Recipes from Mauritius


    Madeleine's site may not be the most beautiful site on the list, but the disorganisation adds all the charm of a mother's busy kitchen. Regardless, the mouth-watering Mauritian recipes you'll find on her site are well-crafted and immensely fun to make - a genuine slice of island culture.

  • Mauritius Football Association


    Fan of football? Check out the Mauritius Football Association site, the most comprehensive site on the nation's team currently active.

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