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The geographic poles have captured the collective imagination of humankind since we first discovered the Earth was round. Both poles are surprisingly different in character from one another, with the north being a forever-changing moving ocean while the south is a hostile (and colder) wasteland. It's open to debate as to who reached each point first, but regardless the floodgates have been opened in recent years for numerous travellers looking to get a taste of the extreme. Their tales are both extraordinary and inspirational, making for fantastic reading. Here are our favourites, all of which are more than deserving of an award and most of which are updated live from the respective top and bottom of the planet.

  • Antarctic Conservation Blog

  • The Antarctica Blog

  • Antarctic Cowboy

  • Angelo Henry

  • David Newman

  • Christina Franco

  • Forward Expeditions

  • Save the Poles

  • Canada to the North Pole

  • Ice Axe

  • Time to Eat the Dogs

  • Frontierwatch

  • Arctic Kingdom

  • John J

  • Students on Ice

  • Visions of the North

  • Ice White & Blue

  • Antarctic Ken

  • The Siren Song of the Anti-Bears

  • Ben Saunders

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