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Following the great response we received from readers who enjoyed our pick of car travel blogs last year, we asked our panel to raise the bar higher still and focus on only the most epic, useful inspiring of road trip sites in 2010. Naturally, given the unparalleled expanse of unrestricted roads in the continent, the best road trip blogs and advice sites tend to arise from the great motor playground that is North America.

  • Last Great Road Trip


    A heart-warming tale of a father and his son as they travel across the length and breadth of America, posting their great travel tales and exploring the benefits of cultural diversity as they go.

  • National Historic Route 66 Federation


    The iconic Route 66, otherwise known as ""The Mother Road"", spans eight states and stretches over 2,400 miles long. For anyone looking to explore the route or learn more about its history, this online home for the National Historic Route 66 Federation should answer just about every question you may have.

  • Route 66 News


    Another excellent resource site for Route 66, featuring an up-to-date blog on road developments and guides on what to get up to while travelling.

  • Without Baggage


    This Tripbase award for Hank Leukart's travelogue joins the many he has already been bestowed with, and rightly so. As a professional journalist and traveller, his prose is tight and his adventures are plentiful.",Has awards page on site.

  • Planning Fun Road Trips


    Don't jump in the car before visiting this site, especially if you have kids in tow! There is a whole host of information here to help you get the most out of your road trip, from money saving advice to route planning tips.

  • Green American Road Trip


    If you've not yet come across the Green American Road Trip site, you're just in time for the conclusion of the tour which saw a graduate researcher attempt to travel from Austin to Boston using only natural gas. Not only a good travelogue but an highly readable commentary of social and environmental responsibility.

  • Roadside Architecture


    A woman (and her dogs) embark on road trips all across America photographing roadside architecture: buildings, signs statues, etc. Thankfully sharing reports of her amusing journeys here.

  • Picture Route 66


    Sandi Wheaton's highly entertaining blog is, as the name suggests, full of pictures from Route 66. Simply browsing through her extensive posting history makes you want to take off in the car and keep driving 'til dawn.

  • Roadtrip America


    Roadtrip America is an all-in-one information site serving all your road trip needs, and if you need any inspiration there are countless travel reports from other road enthusiasts. Highly recommended.

  • Art & Serge's 2010 Road Trip


    An unmissable read from the guys who journeyed across Canada to deliver the Winter Olympic torch - follow the epic journey from the start and catch up on what may be one of the most entertaining Canadian road blogs ever written.

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