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As human history dates back to the end of the last Ice Age, it is unsurprising that Scotland itself is a powerhouse of culture (with their fair share of myths and legends). It is famed for its epic landscape, which draws in tourists from across the globe. It is also a country of great national pride, expressed nowadays in many mediums including online blogs. If you're a Scottish national, frequently visit the Country for holidays, or are simply fascinated by Great Britain's most northerly Country, then you'll enjoy our hand-selected series of blogs which deserve this special recognition.

  • Clockwork Orange


    Kasia is a Polish immigrant living in Edinburgh, blogging with writing skills which surpass 90% of the English-speaking community. Her observations about the world around her as well as her stories of adapting to the expat lifestyle are so enjoyable, they're addictive.

  • My Life in Scotland


    A refreshing account of life and love in Scotland, courtesy of an American girl who both married and emigrated from her home company within a few days in 2008.

  • The Offside


    Scottish football is a national institution subject to a lot of pride and more than a little rivalry. Keep up to date with all the on and off pitch happenings over at The Offside blog.

  • Secret Scotland


    Travel tips and new discoveries are reported over at the blog of Secret Scotland. They're an innovative tour company who know a thing or two about showing people the authentic side of Scotland - their blog more than reflects this.

  • Freedom of Information (Scotland) Blog


    The FOISA blog is a well-presented reportage of consumer and national issues in both Scotland and Great Britain at large. Cuts straight through the hyperbole and gets straight to the heart of current issues.

  • Highland Happenings


    Highland Happenings is another journal written by an American expat who made the jump to Scotland a few years ago. This time it's Rebecca, who not only entertains through her writing and photography, but also offers some great recipes to try out.

  • Crow's Feet


    Michelle is an African now living in Scotland - she's an accomplished writer and poet, too, so you can be rest assured that her posts are as vibrant as her personality.

  • Slugs on the Refrigerator


    Once again an award in the Scotland blog goes to a relocated American woman, suggesting that US-born, female Scottish expats are a unique and highly creative demographic.

  • Scotland for the Senses


    Just to prove we're not being biased towards American nationals living in Scotland, Scotland for the Senses is a subtly humorous blog written by a talented Canadian writer and awarded here on great merit.

  • Books from Scotland


    A site of huge Scottish interest, Books from Scotland celebrates and continues the fine history of the country which spawned some of the greatest patriots and writers in modern literature, including Sir Walter Scott, J.M Barrie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle amongst countless others.

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