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Whether we're camping in the wilderness, finding shelter in unusual places, providing for ourselves from the gifts that nature has to offer or simply trying to enjoy the great outdoors in the company of friends and family, survival is an inherent part of our character. Reading about tips and tricks, even if we're not planning on using them anytime soon, is something many people enjoy. There are a great number of blogs on the subject maintained by both amateur and professional survivalists alike - we've sourced the best for your enjoyment, each and every one of them deserving of a Tripbase award.

  • Survival Blog


    A survival blog that offers advice and guidance in pretty much any given situation, this frequently updated gem is an all-encompassing guide to the great outdoors and an authority on survival techniques.

  • TheSurvivalistBlog


    TheSurvivalistBlog combines crude humour with genuinely useful survival advice, stories and self help guidance. A refreshing take on the subject and one you'll want to visit often.

  • Backwoods Survival Blog


    Not only does the Backwoods Survival Blog provide a neat compilation of survival treats but shares well-penned articles on social and environmental awareness.

  • Survival-Spot


    "Prepare today. Survive tomorrow" is the motto of this no non-sense site and the contributors clearly live by this motto. A diverse and reliable source of quality tips and tricks can be learned at Survival-Spot blog.

  • Stealth Survival


    Riverwalker's marvellous blog contains frequent updates with sturdy help for the unsuspecting survivalist, applicable wherever they go. A great contribution to the survival community.

  • Daily Survival


    Trim in appearance, the Daily Survival blog is a continuing effort to collate the best articles from across the Internet and serves as a useful portal into a whole host of related content.

  • The Aliyah Survival blog


    An unusual yet no less interesting first hand account of survival of a different kind. A candid and highly readable account chronicling the Aliyah experiences of a brave young woman and talented writer.

  • Prepare!


    A dramatic yet insightful blog, Prepare! gets straight to things you want to know - how to survive complete and utter social collapse. Bold, bright, and exactly what you'd expect of a hardcore survival blog.

  • Bruce Barber's Real Life Survival Guide


    Bruce Barber's blog is an easy to digest and cartoon approach to survival with a light air of presentation. Very accessible to all readers, especially children.

  • Bug Out Survival


    The Bug Out Survival guide is far-reaching in its scope and offers a wide range of advice, from both surviving in the wild and coping with various urban scenarios. Essential reading for the survival enthusiast.

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