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Vancouver has many arrows to its quiver, being a city of unique cultural identity and more than impressive coastal surroundings. It is also of hugely recognised importance in the filming industry and has a public transport system second-to-none. While it is certainly not a cheap city to visit or stay in for any length of time (compared to other large cities in North America and across the globe), this doesn't put off the many tourists who have graced the Vancouver city limits in search for great travel experiences... and with such an overwhelming amount to discuss, it's no wonder there are so many reliable and informative blogs dedicated to Canada's international treasure.

  • Beyond Robson


    A very well laid out, easy to use and expressive site. The content is regularly updated and contains considerable amounts of information on all manner of subjects pertaining to Vancouver.

  • Vancouver Slop


    An expansive blog detailing all of the most enjoyable restaurants, with an honest and open description on each. Vancouver Slop is pretty much the best site for unbiased reviews to guide you through your culinary travels in the city.

  • Vancouver Blog


    Striking photography of Vancouver, the likes of which you will be hard pushed to find on any other blog. Truly captures the beauty of the city itself and has a nice mix between natural and urban images.

  • Keira-Anne


    An intimate and pristine presentation of Vancouver from a local point of view. Keira-Anne's immensely popular blog is full of character and passion for the city.

  • Vancouver Reflections


    Serving both Vancouver and people looking to relocate to the city, Vancouver Reflections is a nicely documented expanse of data on the real estate market direct Maggie Chandler, one of the its most experienced agents.

  • Covenant House Vancouver


    A prime example of feel-good blogging, displaying the charity and acceptance that Vancouver has to offer as a city and people. Even a brief visit to the Covenant House Vancouver will result in a lifting of spirits.

  • Behind the Blue Line


    It's not often to come across a city blog written with such a distinctive voice, Behind the Blue Lines is a fascinating take life in the city written by a member of Vancouver's proud police force.

  • Off the 'Cuff

    http://www.vancouverpolicemuseum.ca/weblog/"Quite a nice accompaniment to Sandra Glendinning's Behind the Blue Line blog is the regular postings penned by the Vancouver Police Museum, a non-profit museum dedicated to preserving an important part of the city's history.

  • Gastown Blog


    Not only does this blog list events in the Vancouver area, but it does so stylishly and precisely. A must read for anyone who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of the city.

  • Vancouver Bars


    No self-respecting party animal should overlook this excellent guide, a perfect place to begin looking for a venue to let your hair down.

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