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This is the Tripbase Award for blogs dedicated to Berlin, a cultural centre for Europe, with prestigious universities and beautiful architecture. The winning blogs were selected by our judges for their quality of writing, photography (where applicable) and usefulness to anyone looking to get a feel for Berlin.

The city is palpable with history - it represents the unification of Europe, with the Berlin Wall still visible in places (the rest of it has been torn down or sold to collectors). Tourists should definitely head to the museums around the city, to see the contrast between East and West Berlin that perpetuated until the nineties. All around, little reminders of the past greet the traveller: peculiar graffiti on every old building decries the division, and the little green men on the pedestrian crossings have hats on in the Eastern side. Other great attractions include Berlin Zoo, in addition to iconic structures such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building looming as much in reality as they do in the textbooks.

Capturing the many facets of Berlin is not an easy task, which is why each of our winners for this category truly deserves commendation and the readership they have garnered through their hard work.

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Award Winners

  • IsarSteve
  • I Heart Berlin
  • Berlin Real Estate Insider Blog
  • Raumlabor
  • Berlin Stories
  • Hungry in Berlin
  • Ben Perry
  • The Circus Blog
  • Berlin Reified
  • Das Blog
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