The Tripbase Awards 2011


The Tripbase budget travel award is the result of careful evaluation of the hundreds of blogs we found on the subject of traveling on a budget. We selected the winners based on their content as well as their presentation, compiling a list of the best the Internet has to offer.

Rising costs in all over the world make it difficult for many travelers and families to justify splurging on their long awaited dream vacation. In light of the current economic climate, budget travel has become a hot topic and has seen consistent demands for more information from travelers all over the world. Many have come to rely on guidance and tips of budget travel bloggers to turn the tight budget woes into a series of well-informed choices to create the perfect vacation. From helping to find more reasonably priced lodgings to readjusting budgets, from showing consumers how to rack up airline miles to recommending travel rewards programs, travel bloggers have continued to show travelers a myriad of practical and sensible ways of saving money for the sake of exploration.

The blogs listed below are the best at providing insight, information, and assistance to travelers on a tight budget in attaining their dream vacation plans. They highlight practical advice regarding how to budget and save for trips, where and when to go, how to ensure your money lasts through the end of your vacation, and how to start saving for your next trip. With careful planning and decisive spending, travelers can still see the world, even if they are on a budget.

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Award Winners

  • Frugal RV Travel
  • Champagne Travel on a Beer Budget
  • Vagabonding Blog
  • Frugal Travel Guy
  • Spendthrift Shoestring
  • Vagabondish
  • Hobo Traveler
  • Cheap Holiday Accomodation
  • Costly travel mistakes
  • Cheap Holiday Finder
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