The Tripbase Awards 2011


Camping is a travel experience everyone needs to try at least once, and given the huge range of locations and experiences which are incorporated in the pass time it is clearly something which deserves its own category in the annual Tripbase Awards. As such, here we present the best camping blogs to help you plan your trip and make sure everything goes smoothly and safely.

Following the advice of this year's award-winners, you'll be able to make good decisions and trustworthy plans based on thoroughly researched information. Our panel has scoured the internet and eliminated the blogs which don't include accurate information or up to date details. These camping blogs cater for all levels of ability and experience, so if you're a novice or haven't ever been camping before then you'll be guided through the process and given sound advice from people in the know. Your camping trip should be a relaxing holiday, but you'll want to learn from the experts and locals if you want to have the adventure of a lifetime.

The blogs we've chosen for the prestigious award have all been selected for their reliability - the information is up-to-date and can therefore give you warnings about certain areas. Weather forecasts, avalanche warnings - even the finer details such as the best time of the year to visit Scotland to avoid gnats!

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Award Winners

  • Walkabout in the UK
  • Glamping blog
  • Outdoor Scotland
  • Camping Blogger
  • Camping Tourist
  • Cool Camping
  • Camping Expert
  • LoveCamping
  • Pitch Up
  • Tracks and Trails
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