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From the grounds in Oxford to Australia and everywhere in between, this is the section for the Tripbase cricket blog awards. Our expert panel have sifted through the hundreds of passionate blogs written on the subject of Cricket and devised this concise list of award winners.

The picturesque cricket field, a green oval just outside the village surrounded by towering oak trees and cucumber sandwiches, remains a quaint simulacrum enjoyed by rural Englishmen on pleasant weekends during summer. For the uninitiated, the sport - first played in Kent in the 16th century - revolves around the cricket pitch. A bowler will bowl a ball overarm at a batsman in an attempt to hit the wickets. The batsman, in protecting his wickets with his bat, hits the ball into the air and runs up and down the pitch as often as he can before one of the opposing team members can hit the wicket with the ball.

Of course, There's an awful lot more to cricket than that. The over, the innings, the umpires and the outs are all the kind of information discussed in the blogs below, and are precisely the kind of subjects that have won their blogs these awards.

As well as the technical aspect of the game, these blogs recount the history of the game and some of the culture that surrounds it. Cricket is unique in that as well as the rules, the players must abide by the Spirit of the Game. This unique level of sportsmanship, as well as the heady passion which surrounds the game wherever it is played, is outlined in the award-winning blogs below.

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Award Winners

  • Cricket Ahead
  • The Corridor
  • The Cricket Blog
  • AGB Cricket
  • The Baggy Green
  • Cricket Crazy
  • Cricket-Blog
  • Cricket Diaries
  • Cricket With Balls
  • Cricket Pulse
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